When i first came to you for help i had never given much thought to coaches and coaching. Ive always been a “do it yourself” kinda guy, definitely something to do with running my own business since the age of 20, growing up with divorced patents etc. Anyway - i soon realised that working with a guy with such vast knowledge about hypertrophy mechanics, hormones, fat loss and nutrition is just priceless. You definitely helped turn my fat ass around and got it in shape, best one i ever been in hands down, still keeping health in focus which was important for me. Your Way Of coaching being in touch basically all the time, that is very comforting creating a trust relationship is alfa tbh. Any question i ever came up with you have answered in the fullest but more importantly, i didn’t have much need to question shit ALL the time, cause the response in look and feels was just on point and made me trust the process. I’ve learned i Will Probably Get stage lean BUT as a former fatty I can definitely shape up when i want to. I wanna thank you bro, been a pleasure and a learning for life.
— Mads Christensen

I am a 32 year old from West Virginia USA. I am an Army vet and mixed martial artist. I have been working out and eating healthy for years. I actually thought I knew what I was doing. Well recently I decided to compete in the NPC and hire a coach for the preparation. After searching and talking to people about different coaches I found Joe. The big thing that caught my attention was the fact he said “I hand pick my clients and only take on a few at a time.” All these other guys have cookie cutter basic routines that I could have thought up myself. Then they charge you a ridiculous fee. Joe however dives into health markers, stress, lifestyle, sleep, and you as a person. Each program is specifically tailored to each client. This is where I’ve learned a lot! My diet was definitely lacking. I had no idea how to manipulate insulin resistance or nutrient partitioning. Joe has taught me not only the importance but how to manage glucose levels, meal timing, carb intake, and re feeds. Then for the workouts I would go with a basic routine. I never did proprio work or stretching mid workout and I definitely wasn’t watching my RPE during reps. I was going in blind with a basic routine and no results. In the 8 weeks I’ve been working with Joe I have seen dramatic changes in my physique and overall health. I feel better, move better, I’m stronger, and leaner than I’ve ever been!
Without question I would recommend him to anyone!!
— John Foutz

IMG_1118 (2).PNG
I found out about Joe on YouTube while I was doing some of my daily research and straight away I liked the way he talked about the science behind bodybuilding. Not just bodybuilding, but in a general way to get your results. So I decided to have him as my coach and that was the best decision. It’s a completely different approach of what I used to do on my own and I’m learning a lot with him. He’s really responsive, explains everything I might have doubts on etc. I’ve never had such results as I’m having now and I’m loving the journey and one of the main things is that when you get results as I’m getting, your motivation and commitment to it is impressive. I really recommend Joe to whoever is wanting to make some good physique changes.
— Henrique Resende

Having trained for a number of years and considering myself pretty well read, I was always sceptical as to what benefits I would really get from hiring a coach.

However, after coming across Joe, I was blown away by his knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, training, and health in general.

One of the things that sets him apart from most other coaches is the emphasis he puts on good health and generally a healthy lifestyle.
During my time under his stewardship, not only did I get both bigger and leaner than I had ever been, but my sleep, digestion, and energy levels all improved dramatically.
In fact, I actually attended a Nuffield 360 Health Assessment - a comprehensive health assessment with other 20 tests pertaining to different aspects of one’s health - and every marker came back perfect!

In addition to this, he always takes the time to explain the reasons behind any decision he makes with regards to tweaking training or diet, which not only gave me confidence in his coaching methods, but also helped improve my knowledge at the same time.

I signed up with Joe to try and get a bit bigger, but came away from the experience with so much more than just an improved physique.
I don’t just consider him a great coach, but a good friend as well, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Stuart Hayward

I originally came across Joe through Facebook after following his page and watching his YouTube channel. I decided to contact him to put together my off season protocol. Joe was extremely approachable, and his initial consultation was so in depth compared to any other coach I have used. Straight away I knew I was in good hands. Since working with Joe I have seen good solid lean gains and my strength is increasing frequently. Joe totally changed my protocol, and not only do I feel much better physically but my mental health has also increased significantly. Joe is a genuine guy who cares about his clients, and coaching is much more than a pay cheque to him. For anyone considering coaching I would highly recommend you message him today! The knowledge Joe possesses can change your physique!
— Rob Bakewell

I came across Joe back in May 2017 on Facebook because of the useful posts he shares. I eventually made contact at the end of August and he provided me with a very in depth consultation which went into great detail to provide him with background information on myself. Joe sent on a completely custom plan for me to follow highlighting his observations based on my response to the consultation and photographs of my current physique. Within 4 weeks Joe has already made dramatic changes to my physique, health & diet which has significantly dropped my bodyfat back down and changed my entire view on nutrition. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone looking to progress their physique and reach their goals.
— Jamie George

I’d been watching Joe’s YouTube for a while and his scientific approach to training and with his vast knowledge when it came to AAS and SARMS was very intriguing to me. Although I did not want to use any AAS due to my career I knew I wanted to utilise Joe with training for the foreseeable future. He put me on a 12 week bulking programme specifically designed for me. It wasn’t anything I’d done before but it wasn’t over complicated either. It was about sticking to the basics first and getting it right there. Any questions I had or any issues I had he would reply as fast as possible. I gained way more than I expected and would recommend his service to anyone. He is friendly, approachable and very professional. Thank you for all your help and i know I will definitely back in touch!
— Luke Squire

Joe was recommended to me by a good friend and I’ve got to say I’m not disappointed. His knowledge is unparalleled by anybody I know and everything he has recommended to me has been backed by numerous studies and science. My physique has come along in leaps and bounds in the short time I’ve known Joe and I’ll be continuing my use of his services for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about their physique and health.
— Danny Hargreaves

One of the most knowledgeable and helpful people I’ve dealt with in the fitness industry. Joe has a thorough and scientific approach in both training methodology and nutrition which has helped my own progress and understanding greatly.
— James Hudson

Talking to Joe about training has been invaluable in the way I approach my own training and nutrition as well as my clients. as an athlete who’s been studying and practicing in strength, performance and fitness for about 10 years now there’s very little I read or hear now a days that gives me a huge lightbulb moment but talking Joe came pretty close!
— Khrys Speed - Strength & Performance Coach

I first heard about Joe when I ran one of his one-off protocols last year. This was in prep for my first competition, and it completely transformed my physique and luckily got me in condition really quickly as I only had 5 weeks to prep. From there it left me 5 weeks till my next comp in what time I managed to keep very lean and gain muscle (all natural may I add) from which I went on to win my category and gain an invitation to the UK finals in June this year. This is when me and Joe started working together one-to-one, and already in this off-season I have gained so much size and strength. I find myself lucky to have this opportunity to work with Joe and, and I am absolutely buzzing to see the condition he gets me in for June.
— Wayne Petley - Competitive Bodybuilder

Joe is always happy to dedicate his time to help others and I have been fortunate enough to benefit from his valuable advice and guidance on a range of topics from peptide protocols to supplementation. Joe always takes the time to explain exactly why we are doing something and providing research, and not just telling you what to do.
— Kellie Woods

Joe has been such an inspiring and helpful person in my life specifically. My name is Sam Roth and I am the owner of MediPhorm Site Enhancement. Joe took it upon himself to help me distribute MediPhorm to all of Europe without asking for a single penny. True character and a man of his words. Joe has turned in to a real friend from across the pond!

Besides business, Joe is a very intelligent guy. He is very eager to help everyone out and regularly hands out free information to anyone who is in need. He has worked with some of the best in the industry and really lives what he preaches to others. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, business partner, and overall good person in my life.
— Sam Roth